Vastu for Windows

The Bigger sizes of windows in North or East direction allow goodpranashakti to enter in house/vaastu. As per Indian vaastu science, north brings prosperity while East brings progress and health. Check doors at your place where they are and rectify them to get abundance of health and wealth. Installing windows at Nairuthi (Southwest) portion effects lot to the inmates; don't put windows at Nairuthi corner. Windows at Northeast corner brings development, strength, happiness, prosperity, luck, works made easy. Windows at east brings us name, works made easy, health. Windows at north brings us prosperity, money flow, happiness.

Windows should be very large ones at East, North and Northeast sides. Windows should be medium ones at southeast corners and northwest corners. Windows should be small ones at west and south sides. Windows should be very smallest ones at southwest room. Don't fit windows at southwest corner of the south west room, at any cost this should not be installed. There is no counting for the windows, if any one says don't believe it., no matter and no importance for the counting of the windows. Don't take your own decisions, its always advisable that get a good vastu suggestions from an experienced vaastu consultant to enjoy a rich and joyful life. This type of bigger windows are suggested towards North, East and Northeast directions. Due to heavy bigger windows towards North, East, Northeast then the weight also lesser with this windows, if the wall came means weight will came. If window came means that weight will loosing at this directions.

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