Vastu Tips For Pregnancy/Conceiving

Motherhood marks a new beginning in the life of a couple and is, without doubt, the best gift that God has given to women. The pregnancy of a married woman is celebrated by each and every family member, friend, and colleague and also by distant relatives.

Repercussions of Vastu Defects on Pregnancy/Conceiving a Baby

There have been many instances when pregnancy spells trouble for the woman and family; some of the examples are Premature birth or delivery of child The woman is unable to conceive Miscarriage one after another and many more. Often such families unsurprisingly approach various hospitals, doctors and religious places, praying to doctors, God and everyone else for a child, but nothing ever happens. All the medical reports come normal and doctors say that there's no complication, the baby must be around the corner. But time flies and finally nothing happens; the baby that the family wanted so badly never came. What's the cause of such misery Why is a family deprived of the happiness that a child can bring in their life Can it be a vastu dosh that's being a spoil sport The answer is Yes if there are certain vastu doshas in a home, then those vastu doshas (defects) will never allow the lady of the family to get pregnant or conceive a child. But before we begin understanding the vastu defects that prevent birth of a child in the family, we must understand the logic of elements (remember the five element - earth, water, fire, air and space) behind conceiving a child, maturing of the child in mother's womb and finally the delivery of a healthy child.

Vastu for Pregnancy & 5 Basic Elements

I bet you know that the first step to getting pregnant is to have intercourse (sex) with your life partner. Now, for a moment, think about the element that's responsible to excite a couple so much that they have an intercourse. Did you say "Fire element"? Yes, that's correct. It's the fire element that heats up the body and desires so much that a couple indulges in an intercourse. But wait, the work of the fire element doesn't ends here; creating enough desire for sex is just the first step; the same fire element is also responsible for conceiving and maturing the baby in a woman's womb. That's the reason why a hen sit's on its eggs, providing the much needed warmth and heat. But definitely the intensity of the heat and warmth, while maturing a baby, is way different and less than the heat needed for mating. Here, we must also tell you that as per vastu shastra, each and every corner of a home, is dominated or ruled by one of the elements; here's how;
North-East or "Eshan" corner is ruled by "Water" element.

South-East or "Agni" corner is ruled by "Fire" element.

South-West or "Nairitya" corner is ruled by "Earth" element.

North-West or "Vayu" corner is ruled by "Air" element.

and "Space" element rules the center of a home.

Based on above 5 facts, we've created lists of do's and don'ts of vastu shastra when it comes to conceiving a child. Let's have a look at don'ts first:

Vastu for Pregnancy - What to Avoid

  1. If a couple sleeps in NE bedroom, then the lady won't be able to conceive a child; even if she conceives, the "water" element of NE won't allow adequate heat to reach the fetus, resulting in miscarriage or abortion.
  2. Once a lady conceives a child, she must not stay in SE bedroom as too much amount of heat of SE corner either leads to miscarriage or premature birth.
  3. Make sure that there's no staircase or anything heavy at the center of home as it leads to various complications in pregnancy.
  4. Never allow a pregnant woman to stay in dark, always make sure that there's light around her.
  5. Don't allow a pregnant lady to see anything depressing such as a gloomy or miserable movie, TV show etc.
  6. A pregnant lady must avoid wearing dark and drab colored clothes such as black, dark red etc.
  7. Never ever hurt feelings of a pregnant woman.
  8. Avoid paintings that depict negative feelings and moods such as war, violence, cruelty, grief etc.
  9. Avoid keeping bonsai and thorny plants in home.
  10. Never allow the pregnant lady to use a bathroom under a staircase or beam. In fact as per vastu shastra for toilets you must not have any bathroom under a staircase or beam.
  11. A pregnant woman must never sleep under a beam.
  12. Avoid - or minimize the use of - all electronic gadgets such as cell phones, TV, tablets, laptops etc. as they emit huge amounts of heat and electromagnetic radiation that leads to miscarriage.

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