Vastu For Swimming Pool

Swimming pool, underground Vastu for Swimming Poolwater tank, wells, bore-well etc. should be constructed in the North-east, East towards Ishan and North towards Ishan where only these directions are auspicious, so many says that for constructing of swimming pool is very difficult at houses, but there is a very good option for placing the swimming pool at house.


The North-east corner is the best place for swimming pool, in some cases the northeast corner may not be possible for the swimming pool, then they are searching for the another portion at their house, for them here is the answer. Construct the swimming pool at East side or at north side.If the swimming pool is placed like Vaastu Tips for Swimming Poolhose places like northeast to east side and northeast to north side, then the inmates of the house will have all good fortunes, luck, full of money, raising of their position in their fields, good name, life long cash flows, bank balances, having credit in the society etc.

The slope inside the swimming pool should be starts from west to east if the swimming pool is located at north side and south to north if the swimming pool located at east side and finally nairuthi to Ishan corners if the swimming pool located at Ishan corner of the site.

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