Vastu for Happy Married Life

A happy married life doesn't only bring contentment but adds joy in life to live it for others without constraints even under the hardships. However with the changing lifestyle and independent thinking people have developed different habits that are hampering their married life. Whether you believe or not but married life could get affected by our wrong placement of home and its objects. If we elaborate, precisely Vastu of a house can have great impact on any married life of inmates.

The trend of inculcating designer looks and irregular shape of furnishings or even homes tramples married life of men and women to such an edge that nothing can add a grip. Happiness is the feeding element in any conjugal bond and a basic aspect of Vastu Shastra. To save a married life or maintain good married life it becomes essential for every spouse that he/she should make their living place Vastu complaint.

Vastu for Happy Married Life When one element of cosmos gets imbalance than certainly other elements create disturbance in a place. As we all know human beings and universe is composed of five elements - Air, Water, Sky, Fire, Earth and if all the elements are placed at their respective areas then there can never be a problem. To avoid any obstruction in married life, balancing these elements is primary task of every spouse.

Vastu Ways for blissful married life
Loving married life is what every person is seeking for and adhering to Vastu principles can render positive results.

The Northwest bedroom is best suited for the married couple.
Avoid using dark colours on the bedroom wall.
Always have a perfect square/rectangle shaped bed.
Use a single mattress in the bedroom.
Avoid any kind of clutter in the bedroom
Avoid having mirrors in the bedroom.
Place gas and sink in the kitchen apart at a minimum distance of 4 feet.
If you install any artifact/ pillows, make sure it is in pair.
Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace, tranquility and understanding in married life.

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