Vastu For Lights

Light is a very important element . Vastu for Lighting within the home and good lighting is naturally uplifting. The sattva corner of a property is represented by north-east, which represents creative, positve energy and it is preferable to have natural light entering from the north-east side. The light emanating from the sun feeds the earth and gives both food and joy to all. Natural light provides the most balanced source of energy, so it is favourable if your home and workplace have access to an abundant supply of natural light. Light is very is to manipulate and can quickly alter the atmosphere of a room.

lf the lighting in a room is either evenly distributed or overhead, then the room is considered neutral. More light fittings positioned along the north and east walls are positive, as light emanating from the north-east represents approaching prosperity. However if the main source of lighting in a room is from south-east corner, then this considered negative. Candle light and natural fire light are both naturally soothing and can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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