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A home other than being just a house to live, it is an augmentation of our mental space and manifestation of our personality. Each fragment of our life is deeply entwined with the design, decor and maintenance of our home. If the home is not designed according to the Vastu principles then the energy which gets resonated in the house may result to some irreparable harm and loss to owner and the inmates.

An age old technique involving both art and science, Vastu Shastra can be defined as the Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin. The word Vastu stands for dwelling of humans and Gods. According to Hindu practice, buildings should be constructed as per the directions mentioned in the Vastu Shastra, to attain complete harmony with natural forces for wellbeing of humanity. The different directions and sectors of a house are assigned to different Gods and Guardians. These sectors, when constructed according to the nature of the God, lead to complete harmony and bring in prosperity, good thought and sound health to people living inside.

Home is the place where a person or family lives and by lives I mean really live and not just stay. If someone just stays in & at a place then the place is not a home, that& s why, you just & stay& in a hotel and not live in there. Home is made up of passion, emotions and feelings like love and warmth. Tell me, how many times had it hurt you because you checked out of a hotel? On the other hand, imagine the pain you suffer, had something happen to your & home& . That& s because you are & emotionally attached& to your home, you love your home and share a harmonious vibration with your home and the home shares same vibrations with you. At this point, you must understand that all the emotions are nothing but vibrations and vibrations are - in turn - nothing but expressions of energy. Hence it is safe for me to say that a home is the place with which a family - or an individual - shares their vibrations and vice versa.

You must understand that for each and every positive there is a negative, hence for each and every positive feeling & or energy & there is an equal amount of negative energy present in the universe. Now imagine what could happen if negative energies enter your home, suppressing positive ones? Obviously, the negative energy starts to affect you; not only just physically & by making you suffer medically & but also spiritually and mentally & by keeping you tensed, forcing you to take wrong decisions and much worse.

Now, try to combine above definitions of & vastu& and & home& . What you get is a vastu compliant home which has the capability of ridding negative energy and accepting & and even enhancing & only the positive energies. This & in turn & will always have positive effect on you & as residents & and you will prosper, be successful, experience abundance and peace & always.

Vastu for Flat

The architecture of flats should follow the guidelines laid by Vastu Shastra or it can have a damaging effect on our lives. You can invite calamities in your life, if you chose to ignore Vastu advice while building a flat for yourself. Vastu helps to make your living comfortable in flats and prevent illness and other dangers from creeping into your life or relationships. The article brings some very important guidelines to be kept in mind while planning the architecture of a flat. Go through them and know the right Vastu for flats, to make your life happy and prosperous.

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Favourable direction as per zodiac sign

When building a property, Vastu Shastra suggests that, if possible, the breadwinner should pick the direction in which it faces based on the direction that is favorable to his or her zodiac sign. This is easier to do if one is building on a fresh piece of land. When buying a ready-made property, it might not be possible to change the direction in which the property faces. However, a major problem because by staying in a property that is arranged internally according to Vastu principles, a person will be able to ease any unfavorable astrological influences.

Vastu for Home, What's the Importance?

Since you have read previous section of this article, it will become easier for you to comprehend and imagine the ill-effects if you happen to choose to live in Vastu non-compliant home. Making a list of all possible things that can go wrong in a Vastu non-compliant home will take years to compile. hence what I have done here is, we have made a list of some, in fact very few definite problems, evils and negative circumstances that one will face if he/she chooses to live in a Vastu non-compliant home.

Here's what all will go wrong in Vastu non-compliant home:

1) Social Losses: loss of respect in society, legal matters and other possible ways to achieve this
2) Monetary Hassles: business losses, nonpayment of credit to lenders and ultimately bankruptcy
3) Medical Troubles: Extreme sickness, lethal diseases and even untimely death.
And remember these are just few, indeed, very few.


In the entire plot, moon region must be heavier in comparison to the sun region. If the construction has not followed this rule, then the heavy goods in each room must be kept along the southern and the western walls. Northern and the eastern walls must be left vacant as far as possible. Heavy double bed, steal almirahs, dressing table etc. should be kept in the moon region of the bedroom. IF you can't afford to leave northern and eastern walls vacant, place their lighter goods.


It is very difficult to demolish even those houses, which have serious VAASTU faults. But still it would be preferable if all the corners of these houses are used properly according to the dictates of VAASTU Shaastra.


Soma and Rudra are the ruling deities of this corner. Hence it is regarded as the supremely sacred corner. Entrance, portico, worship room, meditation room and water-storing facility must be given in this angle. Follow a few simple things to keep this corner in balance.

Always keep the north-eastern corner of your house clean and don't allow even little garbage to collect there.
Always keep a water pot, filter or camper in the north-eastern corner of your room.
Fix a beautiful picture or poster depicting rivers, sea, clouds etc. on the north, north-eastern or east, north-eastern walls. But don't nail the poster, fix it with the help of tape.
Don't drive nails and pegs in the north-eastern corner.
If you have an almirah or shelf in the north-eastern corner, don't put heavy things there


Agni is the presiding deity of this corner, hence kitchen is built in it. You may adopt following measures to achieve balance in this corner.

If your bed room in the south-eastern corner, you should change it for better. If it is not possible then orient your bed along the north-south axis with head towards the south.
A night bulb must be kept lighting in the south-eastern corner.
Drawing room can be built in the south-east
Picture of the rising sun can be fixed in the south-eastern corner.
Main switch, fridge and other electric gadgets should be installed in the south-eastern corner.
Electric fitting of the house must be of the excellent quality.
If the kitchen is not in the south-east, cook or anybody who is cooking, must take extra precaution while cooking.


Demon represents this corner hence extreme caution must be observed while constructing anything here. An unbalanced south-western corner leads to sudden accidents in life.

Any construction in the south-western corner must be in perfect right angle.
If this corner has a cut, place a mirror there in the room so that the cut end is not seen with prominence.
If south-western corner is extended, install a small bulb on the roof leaving the extended corner and another bulb in the north-western corner. Keep these two bulbs lighting all long the night every day.
Fix a picture of pretty and fortunate woman in the south-western corner.
Always put heavy goods in the south-western corner of your room.


Pavandev represents this corner. Pavandev is known for his unstable nature. If north-western corner is unbalanced, the owner of the house suffers from mental instability and insomnia.

Owner of the must not have his bedroom in the north-western corner; he can have his study room here.
Don't leave this corner desolate.
Put a clock with sweet alarm in this corner.


If there is a high rising building near a house its ill effect will surely be shown on the house. Owner of the lower house suffers from inferiority complex and fails to concentrate in his work.

Place the mirror in your house in such a way that the image of the high rising building doss not reflect in it.
Make strong lighting arrangements in your house.
Install an anemometer on the roof of your house. This instrument comes with an arrow. The arrow should point to the high rising building.

The last measure can also be used to correct the obstacles due to angles. If the corner of another house comes to face your main gate, a serious obstacle results, known as Konavedh or obstacle due to corner. But this obstacle is effective only if the distance of the corner is less than the height of your house.


Beam is an important part of a building's construction. It is provided to bear the weight of the building. But if somebody has to sit just beneath a beam, he or the she feels under unnecessary pressure. You should therefore:

Do not sleep or do anything just beneath a beam.
Cover the beam with false-ceiling or tiles etc.
Provide bamboo poles of equal lengths on both sides of the beam.


If the bedroom and the drawing room have serious faults, fresh flowers should then be stowed in such rooms daily. Thus, the ambience of the room will be enchanting with fresh fragrance of flowers. Artificial plants and flowers with realistic look will also do in this regard.


The north-western corner of the room inspires the thoughts of the owner towards progress and imparts dynamism in his life. Hence, faults related to north-western corner can be corrected by putting an aquarium in that corner. Fish remain in constant motion in an aquarium. Water in it also bubbles with life. Such a dynamic system as an aquarium aptly suits the north-western direction in every aspect.


Only high quality building materials must be used in the construction of house. Bricks and stones are the most common and extensively used building materials used because of their high weight bearing capacity. Of the two, stones are quarried directly from the mines while bricks are made from mud and heated in kilns to impart toughness. Granite is the most widely used stone because of its brightness and colour. It can also be chiseled into desirable shapes. But the high content of quartz in granite adversely affects the health. So a wall of granite adversely affects the health. So a wall of granite should invariably be given a good coating of lime to cancel the adverse effects of quartz.

Stones used for building purpose should have uniform colour, be tough and feel good to touch.

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