Vastu For Finance

Money is a primary source of living and any deficiency of wealth creates unceasing problems of us. Money held significant value in Vastu and its placement is all the more significant in every house while any wrong location in the finance corner can lead to go in losses or even involve risk of theft.

Every tit-bit have got fixed position in Vastu and when it comes to money which is a primary concern of living need to be located in Vastu compliant place to secure the money earned. If money is placed at some wrong place there involves different risks including theft, loss and instability. Thus Vastu follows some basic scientific set of rules that eventually also has mythical relation to place money at some proper location in order to make profits and bring the risk of theft down.

To flourish enormously and stimulate the flow of money, read out tips of Vastu:

North-east portion of house should be clean and de-cluttered and there should be no septic and overhead tanks in this area. Clean North-east portion enhance finance.
Under-ground tank in North-east is good for finances.
Entrance of house should not be obstructed by any thing like poles, vehicle, plant or wire.
Avoid T-point house.
Keep your finance in South-west portion which has opening towards North.
Keep a small mirror in cash box to reflect money.
There should be no leakage in taps as it indicates drain of money.
Grow small plants in toilet as it triggers down unnecessary expenses.
Main door of house should not make creaky noise.
Keep your doors and windows clean to maintain the flow of money.

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