Vastu for Dining Room

Colors According To Vastu For Dining Room

Vastu colors for home suggests that the color of the dining room walls must be

  • Light green,
  • Orange
  • Cream
  •  light pink

Avoid painting the walls white or black.

Drawing room entrance

The main entrance of the house is usually through the drawing room. When locating the entrance, ensure that there is more space towards the right. The direction of the main entrance is significant. Let us see how:

  • North or east entrance: Bestows health, wealth, prosperity and fame.
  • South, north-east or south-east entrance: Indicates success, but through hard work.
  • West entrance: Ideal for scholars, as it bestows a calming influence.
  • North-west entrance: Indicates development in all spheres.
  • South-west entrance:Considered inauspicious. Its negative influence can be countered by shifting the entrance towards the west.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • The dining table in the room must be rectangle or square.
  • Dining table must never stick to the wall.
  • The main entrance of the Dining Room and house must never face one another.
  • Dining room must never be next to the toilet.
  • Pooja room/toilet door must not open right in front of the dining area.
  • According to vastu for kitchen, you must make sure the kitchen and dining hall are built on the same floor. They should lye adjacent to one another.
  • Make sure there is no loft or beam over your head when eating.
  • Beautiful paintings and portraits hung inside the dining room create an atmosphere of pleasure and happiness.

As per vastu for dining room, the lighting in the room must be relaxed and easy.

There can be several different looks to a dining hall- traditional, glamorous, romantic or modern, but there is one thing that remains the same. Every dining is (or rather should be) built according to the norms set by vastu for dining room. If the interiors of the area are not designed as per this system, your perfect space will transform into a depressing, bad-luck creator. Here are a few tips that will help you create an atmosphere which is not just perfect for meals but also for attracting prosperity and luck. According to the experts a dining room must be located in the West.

Right Direction for Accessories According to Vastu for Dining Room

Accessories Best Direction As Per Vastu
Fridge Southeast
Wash Basin Northeast
Console Southwest wall of the dining area
Microwave, Radio and Television Southeast
Windows North or East side
Doors East, North, or West


  • Sitting Arrangement

  • The head of the family must always face east while eating.

  • The rest of the members can face north, east, or west.

  •  Avoid the Southern direction

  •  Keep the number of dining chairs even to avoid dispute within the family members.

East, south or west portion of the house are for the dining rooms. Stimulate your appetite by painting its walls with shades of pink or orange. The dining room can be an independent room or in continuation of the kitchen.

The dining table, preferably a rectangular one should be so arranged that the master of the house, or his wife or eldest son occupies the south of south-west or west of south-west chair in the room.

Odd shapes like egg shaped or other irregular shapes are best avoided for dining tables. The dining table should be away from the walls.

The fridge can occupy the south-east of the room preferably against the south wall. If a wash basin has to be placed, it can be in the north or east of the room with the water draining to the north-east.

Useful Tips

  •  If the kitchen is on the ground floor, the dining hall should not be on the upper floor. For carrying the food, crossing the stairs is not proper to some extent.

  • It is most profitable to have the dining room in the west side of the building. If it is in the east or the north it is tolerably good.

  •  While taking food, the head of the family should sit facing the east. Others should sit facing the east, the west or the north. However, nobody should sit facing the south. If it is done, unnecessary quarrels take place.

  •  Before we start taking our food it should be served to the cow, the birds and animals etc.

  • The dining hall should have a door in the east, the north or the west. There should be no arches.

  •  The dining table should not be round shaped, egg shaped, hexagonal or of irregular shape. It should be square or rectangular in shape. It should not be attached to folding with the wall.

  •  There should be water in the north-east corner of the room. Wash-basin should be in the east or the north, leaving the south-east and the south-west corner.

  •  Nature portraits and paintings in the dining room makes the atmosphere happy.

  •  There should not be any attached toilet in the dining room. There is no harm in an attached room used for washing cloths or utensils.

  • The door of the dining room and the main entrance door of the house should not be facing each other directly. The walls of the dining hall should have light blue, yellow, saffron or light green color.

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