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South is always considered as a bad direction therefore some inauspiciousness is linked with this direction which certainly makes it an unfavorable direction, but it is not like that. South is the bank for all the good energies of North direction, but one has to be cautious while constructing specific place in South as Vastu rules out some particular sections in this direction.

The owner of this direction is YAM - the deity for death. Big openings from south give problems comparable to death. South's owner is also in charge of justice, legal affairs. So if you have south defects, be ready for injustice and legal issues in life. 

South entrance according to Vastu is inauspicious but is not bad as no living place or other place can be perfect or Vastu compliant. While only South entrance is not considered inauspicious as such, but it is the entire orientation of the plot or house which decides factors of auspiciousness in house. Although there are some repercussions of South entrance but if this direction is utilized efficiently and effectively then nothing can cease to bring prosperity, success, and riches in living place.

God of south Direction Vastu lays down some norms and set of rules pertaining to every direction which is necessary to follow. One should not prejudice regarding South direction plot on the raged rumors that South direction plots are not good and bring downfall of occupant. Every direction is suitable, provided if it is constructed in the ideal & effective manner. There are specifically some areas or section which is prohibited in South direction according to Vastu, for instance Septic tank, kid's room, living room and guest room.

To make most out of South direction plots, it advisable to follow Vastu instructions so that the negative effects get nullify or balanced with energies with placement of proper room.

The corresponding planet for this direction is MANGAL (MARS). South also affects the growth in financial prospects, business and career. Closed places in south are prosperous. South stores the wealth in the form of energy. Closed and heavy walls in the south direction keep the Yam at bay from the inmates of the house. It is beneficial if the South direction is on a higher level & it is auspicious to have overhead water tank in this region. It is very bad to have a basement in the South direction.

It has been noted that Persons living in the South Facing Door House face Problems after 8 Yrs of Staying in that Place.

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