North East Vastu Dosh & Remedies


Why is North East Direction Powerful in Vastu Shastra?

North East is the direction of God and hence is considered the most auspicious direction in Vastu Shastra. It's the direction where most powerful, positive and progressive energies are generated. Once these positive energies enter your home, they enrich you with health, wealth, prosperity and overall abundance.          ...Read More

Since you've now understood the importance of North East direction, we now want you to - really understand - that any Vastu dosh or defect in North East direction or corner of a home is definite to disturb the positive energy pattern and that in-turn would certainly lead to worries, troubles and lots of issues, problems and even misfortunes. In the next section of this article, we reveal to you, Vastu dosh or defects that - frequently - occur in most homes - whether independent or apartments.

North East Vastu Defects

What North East Vastu Defects are Possible?

There are multiple ways a Vastu dosh can occur in North East part of a home and hence to make it easier for you to comprehend North East Vastu dosha, we've created a list of Vastu defects.

North East Vastu Dosh List-

  • Toilet in North East

  • Kitchen in North East

  • Bedroom in North East

  • Staircase in North East

  • Cut in North East corner

  • Overhead water tank in North East

  • Septic tank in North East

These are the most common Vastu defects or dosh that - frequently - occur in a home or apartment.

You've now become familiar with North East Vastu defects that occur in an independent home or apartment; we now want you to focus your attention to problem, issues, troubles etc. which these North East Vastu doshas - are guaranteed to - bring with them. Read the list below to understand the troubles that above mentioned Vastu doshas lead to.

  • Health Issues: Head related issues, such as extreme pain like migraine. Mental problems such as indecision, confusion and wrong judgment. Accidents involving head injury, brain hemorrhage, mental disorders, depression etc. Low or no sex life, infertility. Blood, kidney and vision related medical concerns.

  • Financial Issues: Agonizing financial difficulties, loss and wastage of money, failure to pay loan, increasing debt and finally bankruptcy.
    Family Issues: Misunderstanding and frequent clashes between husband and wife, legal separation or divorce.

Having understood the implications of having Vastu dosh in North East corner or part of your home, it's time now to focus your mind on something positive, that is, reading and understanding remedies to all the Vastu defects so that the ill effects of above mentioned Vastu dosha is reduced. Always remember that a remedy can reduce ill effect of Vastu dosha and not eliminate the defect itself. Since there are quite a handful of North East Vastu defects we're dealing here, hence to make it easier for you to remember remedy against each and every Vastu dosha we've created a table.

We recommend you to read our articles on Elements of Vastu Shastra to gain more knowledge.
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